A second knight lance

My Knight codex and models arrived last weekend so I have been building my knight models and getting them ready.

I can now build a knight in an evening. I have been magnetising their weapons and torsos. So I burned through collection of magnets. I also increased my magnet size on some of my first lance so their torsos don't fall off.

So I now have 6 knights and 4 Armigers. Now its up to the painting stage. I like the knights because they provide some good surface areas to paint in heraldic patterns.

I took the knights down to the club and promptly got owned by Pete's Dark Eldar list. I lost the game before it started by losing the roll to go first and losing a knight. Pete then killed a knight in each of the next two turns leaving me with 30 guardsmen and the Armiger Helverin.

I was impressed with the Armiger it killed a raider and a Venom and damaged another.

Taking a battalion of the guardsmen did what they were supposed to do. I used a command point to give the Kurov's Aquilla to my guard company commander. She didn't have it turned on because I got no command points back even though Pete burned through them like water.

Having time to think about the game, I fell into the trap of deploying like I was going first. I can use distance to out range the Dark Eldar. We had quarter deployment so deploying the knights at the back of the deployment zone would have made it harder for Pete to bring all his heavy weapons into play in a first turn strike. The game was a big lesson, that the Knights are not unbeatable and it matters how you play them. After the previous games, where the knights had thrown back all opponents and not even had one go down this was a wake-up call.
Here are some shots of the game. This is DE turn 2, one knight is already dead.

 Talos have also gone up in the world when they can take haywire blasters they are a big threat to vehicles even in the shooting phase. When I remember them they were a bit rubbish at shooting.


  1. Knights are incredibly strong with the new codex, but not unbeatable as you have said. Going first against them is definitely a big help.


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