Knight list

After my last game I had another look at the list. I have never been a fan of radically changing lists each time. This approach introduces too many variables to make an assessment about whether changes in tactics or luck or list are masking improvement in player skill.

However I am not averse to changing lists between games and after several games I have an idea about what knights I have used are more effective or not. I have not been very impressed with the Rapid fire battle cannon. It is now the most expensive weapon system by 25% and compared to the other weapons I don't think the weapon is worthwhile. I would rather have one of the other weapons and a carapace weapon.

So I have a look at the options and I have worked out that I can get 3 Knight Errants and two Armiger Warglaves into the list and still have a 40 model guard platoon. Here are some shots of my army relaxing on the Ottoman

 I think the shots from this angle really highlights the size difference between the infantry and the knights.


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