7TV Cthullu Pulp

 Alan, Richard, Ed, Thomas and I played Alan's 7TV Cthullu Pulp game. 

7TV is a game based on TV shows. There are different campaigns based on different TV show ideas. This is a show about 1930s New England and what goes on when the fog rolls in.

The Police are investigating a suspicious factory. Dr Fisk is producing Fisk's Fabulous Formula. This marvelous elixir is suspected of being highly addictive and some darker stories tell of mysterious changes afflicting some long-term consumers.
Strange lights burning through the windows and the sounds of uncanny machinery great the investigators and Police. Rail cars containing noxious substances lurk on rusting sidings.

The agents look in, you don't make sergeant in this squad by going first
Inside the factory a bio-organic machine is making the Elixir. Feel free to imagine all sorts of organic slurping and sucking noises.
Gunfire erupts from the window of the factory.

With an extradimensional lurch the entire factory lurches on its foundations. Not many of the constables are left on this side.
Dr, Fisk and his henchmen make a break from the factory. The hulking brute of a henchaman has engaged the sergeant who is wondering why he ever got out of patrol
While his minions by time by delaying the heroes at the other end of the factory. Dr Fisk unleashes some Dark science on the forces of Law and order. The Hulking Henchman has grabbed the sergeant, one of the officers is down. At the other end of the factory all the expendable minions are down, and the heroes are entering the factory
One of the Police officers is mutated into a fish monster, and he manages to distract the heroes long enough to prevent them turning off the machine. The Hulking Henchman captures the sergeant and drags him off to a fate worse than a fate worse than death.

All in all, a great game and a slight victory to the forces of Law and Order. Alan had put a lot of work into this table and the terrain was great. This is a fgun game that we managed to play even though for most of us it was out first time. 

This is a great game for creating cinematic moments during play.


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