7TV - The brave Lads of Walmington on Sea

Last weekend Alan and I played a game of 7TV. This time I played the Home Guard while Alan played a group of American imported into the country by A Vampire recruited by the Ocult departments of the Nazi empire.

The local Vicar had been concerned about a proposal to undertake excavations in some local ancient ruins. Alerted by a local policeman the Vicar and Verger set out with some of Captain Mannering's boys and Hodeges the ARP warden to sort out those ruffians and prevent them doing any harm.

We have a military unit consisting of Mannering, Wilson, Jones, Fraser and Walker. Private pike is fresh back from a course of Commando training, Hodges the ARP warden, The Vicar is the VIP and the Verger is the Comic Relief.
Here are the Home Guard ready to go. Somewhere that policeman has given them the slip. Jones starts panicking and it takes several nearby squad members to calm him down. (Alan played a special effect on several team members, This did give me some extra plot points.
Here is a mob boss a hired gun and a couple of street thugs. The Hired gun has an SMG so is highly dangerous.
The mobsters rush forwards looking to control the board.
Captain Mannering give his whole cast a free move before they activate. This allowed me to reposition and advance even with 4 of my cast members not being able to activate this turn. Private Jones rushed forwards to see if the Americans like a taste of cold steel.
Private Pike advances into a flanking position, he then unleashes a long burst with his tommy gun. This kills the Hired gun and puts a wound on the boss. Sgt Wilson then advanced and chucked a grenade at them.
Hodges has raced up to the central treasure and recognises it as the Maltese Falchion
One of the Thugs races up to engage Sgt Wilson in a bit of fisticuffs. However Wilson having the education of a public-school boy and was having none of that rubbish. One of the gangsters has engaged Hodges in combat.
That dodgy looking policeman has turned up like a bad penny. He tries to shoot the Vicar but is distracted by the antics of the Verger. That Policeman has a really bad skin condition.
The Verger has grabbed one of the objectives, Private Jones has one and Captain Mannering has one. Private Fraser is engaging the Policeman
The Hulking Henchman lumbers over to engage Hodges. There is a tussle and Hodges manages to not get grabbed in a bear hug. However he is trapped between two opponents. Sgt Wilson gets knocked to the floor. The last time this happened the referee stepped in to administer a 10 count.
One of the thugs attacked private Pike and knocking him over and leaving him stunned.
The in the shadows the vampire lurked with a couple of senior mobsters.
Private Pike gets up, shakes off the stun and punches the thug with a noble right cross to the Jaw. Sgt Wilson administers a stiff upper cut before Private Walker finished him off with a kick to the groin. (Walker didn't go to a public school).
Jones shot the Thug that had attacked Private Pike.
Private Fraser gets shot by the crooked Policeman, a real fifth columnist he turned out to be.
Hodges activated his invisibility power "put that ruddy light out" and took the Maltese Falchion and scarpered off right quick. Mannering also marched over with his objective.
The table suffered an earthquake and all the extras were knocked over. (this is actually in the rules and not just me bumping the table)
Private Pike looked longingly at the Vampire and wondered if lead bullets would do him any damage. However he decided to pick up the objective and fall back with suppressing fire to the APC (Jones's butcher truck)
Private Jones fell back with his objective.
The Hulking Henchman grabbed Sergeant Wilson, Wilson then escaped but got kicked down the stairs. The Henchman then followed Wilson down the stairs and beat Sgt Wilson to a pulp.

In a final piece of spite the mob boss walked forward and shot the Verger which caused him to drop his loot.

With that the game ended. 
The Home Guard controlled 3 objectives to the mobsters one, they also had the Maltese Falchion. This turned out to be a fake (I rolled minimum on the bonus VPs)

Still a major victory to the Home Guard. Take that Mr Hitler.


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