7TV Cthullu Pulp - Scenario 2

In this scenario Colonel Lethbridge Stuart is deploying a detachment from a not quite TARDIS an led a squad towards what looked like a run down and disused cannery. A detachment of agents disguised as naval crew were disembarking from a speed boat last seen emerging from between two cargo ships, driven by Indiana Jones.

Here is the factory, it certainly doesn't comply with the requirements for a rental property. 
One of the Crew wandering about. Thomas and I were again playing the bad guys. We got an event that was a free move before the turn. This put us in a good position to attack.
The UNIT squad deploying from a phone box. It's like one of those circus cars where impossible numbers of performers come tumbling out.
You came here in that thing you are braver than I thought. The ship crew disembark from their boat
The factory workers prepare to defend their facility.
A tentacle monster rolls over an ensnares the Colonel with its icky tongue. However, the colonel is made of sterner stuff and is an escape artist so he can get out at the right time
Some factory crew and a couple of disreputable smugglers with firearms, prepare to defend the factory.
The ship crew and agents advance past the ruined boat.
The factory crew start stabbing the unit agent. The protoplasmic blob has been taken out of action and didn't regenerate. More UNIT team members are closing in.
The second protoplasmic blob eats one of the boat crew but then gets shot to bits. Like its buddy it didn't regenerate either.
A fight broke out in one of the smaller buildings
The fight around the crane keeps going on with both sides taking losses
The good guys manage to use mind control on the boss eeek, but the first mate runs back and helps her come to her senses.
Ma and her crew after the fight. With Ma surviving the cult managed to hold on for a win.

So, with one victory for each side, things are hotting up for the remainder of the campaign.

thanks to Alan for putting on such a great game.

This game got us inspired so we started talking about other scenarios. We thought that Dr Who vs UNIT would make for a great game.


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