Saga Army Pagan Rus - terrain

Alan introduced my to Alliexpress. This is effectively all the cheap things on Amazon. I bought some aquarium pieces to make into terrain.

A base and a new coat of paint, along with some flock and its ready to go. I also got a bridge, an Easter Island statue and some Greek pillars. 

I am also making a new army for our next Saga group melee next meeting. I am making Pagan Rus, these were Norwegians and Swedes that sailed down the big rivers into what is now western Russia and Ukraine. There was a lot of trading between different groups. The Vikings often ended up being asked to be peace keepers so became the de-facto rulers of the area.

This gives me a force that uses the Viking rune dice and so is heavily into close combat rather than dancing around and shooting like the Last Romans.

My new dice cup also arrived along with my Saga Age of Magic supplement.

Its not quite drinking the blood of my enemies but its good for a bit of fun.


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