Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago at Call to Arms

Alan, Richard, Thomas and I are going to play a mini-campaign of Ghost Archipelago at the Warlords annual convention Call to Arms.

We will play a pair of linked scenarios over the two days. As part of these scenarios we will need some extras.

Everyone needs a 500 point tribal force selected from the rules on page 9 of Gods of Fire. In addition everyone will need some boats to take their party down the rivers. I have made a tribe from Warlord Games American Indians. They are lead by their shaman who is a Gripping Beast Pagan Priest.

Here are my tribe standing next to a aquarium statue and some fingers for the Lost Colossus campaign.

These models could also become another Saga Army, there are version 2 rules for Skraelings. I think I will need a few more to do a full Saga army because Skraelings don't use hearthguard, so that's a minimum of 48 infantry plus the warlords. I could use them as an Age of Magic army which would allow me to add in some monsters or animals as creatures. Crocodile Games make some Wendigo models (sort of big foot or Yeti) that would make good themed creatures.

I had been reading a few of my old Conan stories and the Picts always make ferocious opponents. I have based my tribe on the descriptions of the Pict tribes. They might well make another appearance in another campaign. Perhaps the local tribes have joined together to fight off the Heri

tors who have come to despoil their sacred islands.
I also have also bought some Drowned Earth models. I am painting these up as a palette cleanser between other projects. These models are quite large especially compared to the Warlord Games ancient Greeks I also have on the tray.


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