Ghost Archipelago - Abandoned Watch Tower

Alan, Richard Thomas and I got in a game of Ghost Archipelago down at the club today. We rolled up the Abandoned Watchtower scenario. This has the crews racing to get to the top of an abandoned watch tower. Everyone got a corner and got their crews set up. In traditional Wargamer style we all chose the corner we were nearest.
 Here are my crew securing the treasures
 Richard's crew start collecting their treasures
 Thomas's Crew start splashing towards the central island and collecting their treasures
My Heritor is sneaking towards the central objective.

All the crews are exchanging missile fire.
Alan's crew are advancing towards their treasures and the ruined watch tower. The heads come from a local supplier who has started making some of their own items.
Three Heritors are almost at the base of the tower, Thomas's crew have to stop to deal with one of the guardian snakes and the howler Monkey.

The Monkey puts the bite on Thomas's Heritor
 Alan's Heritor gets bitten by a snake before he wakes up and turns it onto a belt.

My Heritor climbs to the top of the tower however this makes him a target for everyone else. Alan's Warden blows him off the tower and then his missile troops finish him off.

This was rather too exciting to take many photos.

There is then a progressive melee as everyone else's crew try to get the main treasure back.

 Alan's rearguard are able to hold off the pursuers long enough to get the treasure into the water
 They drag the treasure into the water
 Richard's Crossbowman doing his best Alan Quartermain impression shoots the crewman holding the treasure and while he is wounded, he can still hand off the treasure to a crewman who takes it across the table.

Alan's Heritor is left atop the tower as all the other crewmen abandon the chase and retire back to their boats.

In the end there were no permanent injuries and everyone got some treasure so its all useful in the quest for knowledge.

Next meeting is a Saga Melee, I need to do some painting for that.


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