Saga - Pagan Rus

Russell, Alan, Richard and I played a couple of games today at the club.

I tried out my new Pagan Rus army and my new dice cup.

Here is my new dice cup whispering of things to come. This photo makes it look like the dice cup is chewing the table.

Here is my army back from the wars. I used the 4Ground snow flock for the snow. This has an interesting appearance, it looks like small balls or clumps. This actually looks like snow and it goes well on the grass tufts.

In the front are my levy with Javelins they proved to be a very useful unit.

First up was Richard and his Anglo Danes. This is Richard's first game of Saga.

The Anglo Danes are attacking and they are emerging from the forests. My guys are all off having picnics or foraging for truffles because everyone is separated from each other.
Richard rolls several rares and turns his 3 dice into about 7. Richards Heartguard and warlord have spied my pub (the Dragons End) and decided they fancy a quick pint. My Warriors are on door duty and do not like the look of these English hooligans.

Richards levy had popped out from behind the wood and sniped at my levy on the hill. Fortunately they missed.
This out the levy out in front. My unit of hearthguard stomped forwards and had words. Nine levy were killed but so were two hearthguard.
Richards Hearthguard complain about the door charge. 3 Warriors are killed as are two hearthguard. My Warriors fall back
Richard's Warriors had also attacked my hearthguard on my right. I beat off the attack but take more fatigue and lose another model.

My Hearthguard and warlord swing back left and smash into Richard's Hearthguard unit. My guys win the fight 5 sore bottoms to one, so the Anglo Dane survivor wisely falls back.
My Levy decide to get into the fight and start throwing javelins and then charge into a unit of warriors.
My levy get driven back and are now not generating a Saga dice. So for them the war is over.
Richard charges into my unit of Heathguard with his warlord. unfortunately his hearthguard are just out of range to be bodyguards or sacrificial pawns so he is killed. However he takes out my unit of hearthguard.

My Warlord takes a fatigue
My third unit of hearthguard attack Richards last unit of warriors and reduce them to one model for the loss of 3 hearthguard.

My warlord is spending his time running back and forth so that the unit doing the fighting can benefit from the Kagan battle board ability that gives out extra dice.
Richards' hearthguard rest up and then attack my warriors. The Warriors are wiped out and they kill off another couple of hearthguard.

My surviving hearthguard set about killing surviving warriors.
We kill off the survivors of one unit and try to kill off the second unit but leave one survivor and lose a hearthguard.
Richard's last hearthguard makes a try and attack my levy. I lose three but manage to kill one hearthguard

At that point the battle ends and the survivors march back home.

Massacre points
Anglo Danes          21.3
Pagan Rus              24.8

So in the end very close and a win to the Pagan Rus by the minimum margin.

This game was loads of fun Richard picked up the game very quickly.

Game two was against Russell and his classic Vikings. Not sure whether that makes them original flavour.
In this game I am the attacker. Maybe I suspect Russell of not being a true follower of the Norse Gods.

We rolled up the scenario special rule that gives each player an extra Saga Dice each turn.

Here are my guys at their starting position
This is Russell's right flank he has some sneaky archers in the forest, then some warriors
Here is  Russell's right flank with more archers and more warriors a big blob of hearthguard and some shield maidens.
My right flank moves forwards, the levy push forwards into the forest.
My Warriors are doing nothin (honest) behind the Church
Russell starts sliding his army around to his right
The Levy archers take a shot at my hearthguard but miss
 My Hearthguard tell the archers off for shooting arrows at them. The Flag bearer gets tangled in a tree.
My Warlord and second hearthguard unit move up, the third unit is getting left behind, so forms the army reserve.

My levy move up and chuck javelins at the Shield Maidens and kill one.
This angers the shield maidens who charge into the Levy. In a dice spike I make all the saves and the shield maidens are wiped out.
The Viking Hearthguard come and tell my warriors not to graffiti the church. 6 Warriors die for two hearthguard.

My Hearthguard attach Russell's Warriors. I kill 5 warriors, but then get wiped out when Russell reveals the power of the Viking battleboard.
My Levy rock up and throw Javelins at the Hearthguard and kill a couple, then they charge in, using some Saga abilities means both sides are hitting on twos. Three Hearthguard and three levies die, the levy fall back into their forest.
Russell makes a play to kill my Warlord, his warriors get stopped by Icy Blast so can't activate again.

His Warlord comes and has a go, both sides hack each other and both end up exhausted.

Then the last two hearthguard go in, the spend my fatigue to make me easy to hit but then give me my resilience back. My Warlord goes shields up and kills off the two hearthguard.

With my Warlord still standing so we stop the game at this point.

Here is my winter Viking building, I built this a while back. This was one of the first models Alan made from his laser cutter. It was fun to make and now I have a winter themed army to go with it.


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