Ghost Archipelago at Call to Arms

We are going to be putting on a multiplayer game of Ghost Archipelago at Call to Arms this year. this will form the season cliff hanger for this chapter in out campaign.

The first day will be a race to the cave entrance which means the Heritors have to either hack their way through the jungle past hostile natives or row down the river while the same natives take shots at them.

This is the small temple, its a plastic bowl and polystyrene ball coated in plaster and then the stonework scribed in, then some grey and brown coats of paint.

It needs a few more coats of paint and then a base.

The second scenario features a race to the pool of life, across an underground cavern lit by rivers or lava and harassed by hostile native who think it is their sacred duty to guard the pool from all intruders.
Alan gave me some Expanded PVC to try out to make the terrain. I need to make some Lava rivers and pools and a central pool to form the final objective. I also got some wedding cake pillars from Spotlight.

Here is the WIP of the Pool of Life, the PVC is really nice to work.

I have also made some new Ghost Archapelago specialists. Here are my Duelist, a Marksman and a Heavy infantry.

I have also been building a new Saga army. I am building a Pagan Rus army. This gives me an army that uses the Viking dice so its big on whacking people in hand to hand combat. As befitting Russia it also makes use of cold to affect the enemies. These are made out of some FireForge Games models. So its another army that you can make all out of plastic.

I bought a new dice cup from Amazon. This will be useful for my Saga games and especially the Age of Magic. Alternatively I might put a couple of ping pong balls in it painted as eyes and some green slime.


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