Badab War Kill Team

Alan, Richard and I have decided to get in some more games of Kill Team using chapters from the Badab War. We will start playing this after Call to Arms. Using Kill Team makes it really easy to get into the game.

Alan is going to make some Characaradons, I have the Executioners and Richard is making the Astral Claws.

The Badab War chapters come in two flavours, original from the 1980s and new recipe from the recent Imperial Armour books ~2010.

There is plenty of opportunity for painting and modelling.

The club also has a Salamanders army. The Salamanders were also part of the Badab War so someone can use those if they want to join in.

Using the same armies gets away from the mismatches where 5 marines are trying to corral 20 Hormagaunts. This is especially true if we are using the Arena rules where its a great advantage to have a large number of bodies to block up the objectives.

We will be looking for additional players to join our narrative campaign.


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