Kill Team - Mistakes were made

With the upcoming Badab War campaign I got excited about making another Kill Team. Its rather addictive.

One a mad crazy impulse I bought a box of Grey Hunters and a box of scouts from Mighty Ape. With a 15% sale the price differential wasn't too bad. They arrived in a couple of days which I can't get from the UK.

Ordering a Tactical box makes for a Kill Team and a whole number of alternatives and spares. So I now have a decent number of models to make up a Tiger Claws kill team.

Using the Space Wolf models gives the team a rather barbaric look with a large number of totems and strings of claws. These could just as easily be a feline totem animal trophy rather than a canine one.

I made some bases using the roller I got from Scott Bowman so I have some cobbled texture. I mixed in some spare standard marine parts (who doesn't have plenty of those?) to make them look a bit less wolfy.

Looking at the photo makes me realise how much barrel drilling out I need to do. I could also use these guys with the Chaos Marine list. I would have to replace the scouts with cultists but I have some cultists from my Necromunda gang so that's a viable option.
I also bought a box of American Indians from Warlord Games. I will be using them as Hyborian Pict tribal warriors for Ghost Archipelago.

This gives me a couple of dozen wild and savage warriors. I managed to make up enough sets of arms that didn't need firearms. Firearms are not in the Frostgrave rules so I don't lose any models. These models are true historical scale so their arms are not compatible with the bulkier arms of the Frostgrave models.

I also have been gluing my Terrain Crate onto bases. I think this makes the look better, it also makes the linear terrain like the fences more stable. You can get some nice bases for terrain made from large ice block sticks you can get from the $2 shop. 

We are playing Ghost Archipelago this weekend so I need to check what figures I need to paint or do some more work on from my collection.


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