In the Bowels of the Station Kill team Head Taker

I got in a game of Kill Team against Richard. Richard was using the Apostles of the Abyss from Blackstone Fortress and I was using my Executioners. As befitting the tight confines of the Apostles lair we played using the Arena rules and one of the interior maps.

Being Arena noobs we played the first mission in the Arena pack.
Here are my Kill team in their deployment zone.
I have a Marine sergeant as the leader, A marine sniper with a plasma gun and a marine heavy with a heavy bolter.

I also have a Primaris sergeant who is a combat specialist and two primaris marine gunners with auxiliary grenade launchers.

Here is Richard's horde of cultists, mutants and renegades who have turned against the light of the Emperor. The look in need of a good purging.
Richard's horde race out of the starting room and head towards their objectives.
The Executioners advance into their objective rooms and then continue to set up their sweep. Here are my positions after my moves in turn 2
 Richard tries to make some long range charges but is unsuccessful. His Mutant psycher inflicts a wound om my Primaris and is then taken out by a plasma gun hit and a crack grenade.

 A couple of cultists charge the Executioner marines to hold them back. A decisive strike and the leader straetgem later and both cultists have been dispatched by the marine combat experts.
The Marines continue their advance, having located the Heretic Astartes leading the cultists. The Executioners also gain extra points for attrition and cut apart.
 The Primaris close combat specialist attracts several cultists who are trying to bring him down. The leader takes out a second cultist. The heavy bolter inflicts a flesh wound on the cultist leader.
Trying to hold back the flood of cultists the Executioners objectives are overrun. This boosted Richard's score.
There is a viscous fight in the room at the bottom of the table, the two marines combine to bring down the Negavolt cultist and recover the objective.

The Marine leader killed his opponent and makes it into combat with another cultist and is now contesting the room. 

The Heretic Astartes leader tactically repositions himself behind one of his cultists. This preserves his own life but allows the Executioner marine to charge the cultist on the objective. The gunner and the veteran sergeant account for the cultist and seize control of the objective. 

The other primaris marine tired of getting flamed, charged his tormentor and tried to bash his skull in.

In the last turn I was able to control 2 objectives to Richards 1 and pick up points for bounty hunters, cut apart and attrition.

This ended up as a win for the Executioner task force. The game was really swingy, with first the marines then the cultists and then the marines.

So this was a really close game and a lot of fun.These missions are hard for the marines because they have so few models and have to hold objectives and fight while pushing buttons and juggling consols. I can see why horde teams as popular.


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