Rumble in the Jungle

I have been building some jungle terrain. These could be used for a wide variety of games including 40K and Ghost Archipelago. I also have a couple of skirmish Africa games, Congo and Death in the Dark Continent that these will also be useful for.

This will give me a variety of bright coloured foliage to spice up the jungle. I have some of the GW palm trees to add to the mix and provide some bulk.

I have also been assembling my Frostgrave crew models. This gives me 20 plastic pirates armed with a variety of non gunpowder weapons. I have also been reading some Conan stories. This is great for the kinds of warband adventuring that you get in Ghost Archipelago. I can mix these with my African tribal models and some of the Lucid Eye Amazons.

What could possibly happen to this brave bunch of grey plastic swabbies wandering down a jungle path?

This gives me a great range of models which can make a number of different factions and have some random encounters or scenario third parties. Now I just have to design some buildings and islands to put my jungle on. I have some pieces of polystyrene that are left over from my snow board that I can use to make the land masses. These can be a mix of rocky and beach edges. So I will be busy with my hot wire cutters.


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