Avalance of muscle - Ogre air cavalry

After painting my Imperial Guard Kill team, I got inspired to make some other models for that army. over the weekend I made a Valkyrie assault transport and now I have been making some Ogre assault infantry to go in them. You can get 4 Orgyns into a Valkyrie. Hagen kindly gave me some spare custodes shields so now my Ogres have some nice looking assault shields, these could either be the Slab shields or Brute shields. I need to have a second type of shield so I can field units with a mix of high armour and invulnerable save models.

These will then be supported by the IG infantry and Storm Troopers.

I drew inspiration for this army from the 2000AD Rogue Trooper stories, this force is the Norts a totalitarian regime rather like the Imperium in the 40K universe. Anything is acceptable in achieving final victory. I find it rather useful to have other sorts of material for inspiration. Whether it is the GW books or youtube channels or a great art book, its all important to have plenty of ideas to help the project to still be fun during the dark times of half way through.

Here is a shot of the Kill Team, these are all metal models I bought from Alan 10+ years ago. Ideally I'd have 4 plasma guns on the storm troopers and flamers on the normal infantry but I don't have any flamers on the basic guys.

I also got some more terrain from Death Ray Designs, they are new Canadian company that have entered the MDF market. last year I bought a set of their terrain last year to give me a set of walls for the Necromunda tiles. The new terrain contains some original pieces that expand your options for different looks and room types.

Here are a couple of shots of one of the larger new pieces. This is a large circular hatch, the door lifts out leaving a large access hole. The door reminds me of an airlock door from Deep Space 9.


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