Kill Team reports - Death Guard vs Scouts

Several of us got together at the Warlords for some games of kill team. We got some more people into the group. I played two games against the defenders of the Imperium. The lackeys of the Corpse Emperor were no match for the Sons of Moration.

In encounter I was up against Kent's scout force. These were just the models he had in his case to support his bike marines. I can't remember the name of his chapter, Hawks something I think. It didn't matter his goose was cooked.

The scouts were mostly wearing camo cloaks which combined with long range and concealment meant the Death Guard were often hitting on 5s or 6s.

This mission was about recovering intelligence so I didn't need to kill the scouts only keep them off the objectives long enough to recover the data. Each objective is worth one with the central worth 3 points scored at the end of each turn.

 The Death Guard chose to take forward positions and the scouts chose to booby trap the pile of crates they were using as a defensive base. Booby trapping their redoubt was a sneaky tactic.

The Death Guard advanced their two fighter specialists, with the zealot going up the middle and the combat specialist rushing around the right end.
 The Death Guard win the initiative and the Zealot makes a charge into the scout and then a pox walker rushes up in support.

The combat specialist fails the charge even with a reroll and lumbers forward 4 inches.

I make the mistake of overrunning the centre objective but this makes it hard for Kent to get any of his scouts into mid field.
 A couple of my pox walkers go onto my flank objectives. The scouts hunker down on their container stack.

The fights in the middle is a wash, my Zealot inflicts a flesh wound on the scout with his bubotic axe and takes a flesh wound in return from the scouts knife. The other scout inflicts a flesh wound on the pox walker

On the upper levels, a long range duel starts.

Kent's sniper leader is on top of container mount and so is a popular target for the Death Guard shooters, Kent kept using the "not dead yet" strategem to turn out of action results into flesh wounds on his leader. This kept his leader in the game but sucked up all hi command points.

A few other flesh wounds are handed out.
Kent's scout fell out of combat with my Zealot and both models lumbered back to the middle objective.
This is an overview of the battle in turn 2. The middle is contested and the rest of the battle is settling down to some sporadic shooting.

Shuffling forwards an trying to get to the middle. The pox walker puts the slow into running.

My Combat specialist fails his charge again, and takes a flesh wound for hit trouble from the heavy bolter.

Here is the shooting duel with hard to hit vs hard to wound this was a bit of a yawn fest.

The Death Guard champion and a pox walker charge the scout in the middle to secure the middle objective. The combat specialist has finally made it into combat with the heavy bolter scout and made a mess of him with his plague flail.
You can also see the flesh wounds mounting on the scout leader. The fight in the center is a bit of a tickle fight with no one going out of action.

The game ended on turn 4 with the Death Guard putting the squeeze on the scouts and in possession of 4 of the objectives.

In cover and with their camo cloaks the scouts proved very hard to kill.


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