Death Guard vs Death Watch

After the game against the Scouts the Death Guard fought the Death Watch, for who was the most "Deathy". We played a narrative mission with the Death Guard trying to destroy the objective markers, probably vaccines or other research into disease and infection vectors.

 The Death Guard chose take forward positions and then rush their two Fighters, down the right flank to be behind the containers. They win Initiative and continue their rush around the corner into the marine on the flank of the Death Watch position.

An idea occurred to me after the game, The Death Watch could have used the decisive move to move the veteran away from the Death Guard
The Death Watch Leader and gunner in their position, the Death Guard Plasma gunner is sneaking round the dome to get a shot.
The Death Guard flow forwards into the objectives in their half of the table. The Death Watch Black Shield counter charges into the plague flail fighter.
The Death Watch leader blazes away with his combi-plasma gun and takes out the Death Guard plasma gunner.
The combat goes badly for the Death Watch, the Zealot takes out the veteran with his Bubotic axe and then using the combat strategem to fight straight after another model on the team has fought and the Plague Flail combat specialist gets a wound through the storm shield and that takes him out of action as well.

The Frag Cannon gunner walks forwards and hoses down a plague zombie, but inured to pain the Zombie only suffers a fleshwound.

In the next turn the Deathguard close combat specialists charge round the corner of the crates and double team the frag cannon. Both combats inflict a flesh wound on the Death Watch veteran.

The Deathguard finish off the Frag Cannon gunner, they inflict 3 flesh wounds before taking him out of action, the then advance into cover under the building occupied by the Deathwatch gunner with heavy bolter.

The Death Watch leader leaped of the platform onto a container to gun down the Death Guard Champion, however you don't survive 10,000 years in Nurgle's service without learning a trick or two. The Champion was waiting with his plasma gun warm and waiting and a maximal plasma blast blasts into the Howling Griffin sergeant taking him out of action.

In the final act of the game, the plague flail clambers up the building like some kind of undead crustacean. The plague flail accounts for the gunner before he can react.

The rooftops are a bit of a trap. While you might get a good position you lose mobility unless the elevated platforms are connected.


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