The Walking Dead

At Call to Arms Alan and I played a game of the Walking Dead. Alan is a big fan of the comics and after watching a few episodes I had enough of an idea about the background to appreciate the game.

Al built a great table and its a great example of a themed table where you select terrain items from a variety of different ranges and manufacturers but with a common look and feel to make a cohesive whole. Its also a tribute to what you can do with toy cars and Agrax Earthshade.
This game featured some really cinematic moments and a suitably heroic climax.

A survivor arrived at our base with a tale of some children hiding out in the old fast food restaurant. My team are the heroes from the tales so we set out to rescue the children. 
Here are my guys moving towards the objective, because there are ten of us we can take down the few nearby walkers although someone managed to die in a wheelie bin and this proved to be a nasty surprise to one of the team members
Meanwhile on the other side of town, the Governor had heard about the children and the heroes invading his territory and the former head of Human resources decided that there was some human capital that needed managing. 
Taking the opportunity to inventory some parked cars the Governor and his entourage moved towards the fortified fast food joint. 

Here are our heroes moving through a ruined house Tyrese plays whack a mole with a couple of zombies.

 The Heroes are pressing on to the objective. Rick is checking the building to confirm the children are sill alive.
The heroes have cleaned our all the zombies and are almost at the objective. Rick has confirmed the children are alive but are unable to move without assistance
Meanwhile the governors party are engaged fighting several zombies around an old campsite one of the tents even contained a booby trap.

 Rick smashes a hole in the improvised barricades and makes an opening into the shop
 A zombie comes out of the pick up and lurches towards the heroes.

Attracted by the noice of smashing a whole in the barricade, a zombie lurches out of a nearby bush and bites Rick.

Normally a zombie bite is fatal but Rick takes his axe and uses it to cut off his infected hand. it hurts a lot but its better than dying to zombie plague.
 The Governors party have reached the other end of the objective building. They have cleared out the zombies but one of their party has been bitten.
My Heroes as getting bogged down outside the objective building. It takes some time to deal with the last of the Walkers. The mantra is now "Nobody touch nothing".

My party spread out towards the red pick up truck so we can establish a fire base behind the solid vehicle.

Rick smashes another Zombie and one others the others passes him some bandages to staunch his wounds. Ricks wife Laurie looks on holding a supply of anti zombie drugs.

 A vicious firefight breaks out around the front of the store. At one point the combat was taking place from opposite sides of the car bonnet.

At the end of the fight there are about half a dozen fatalities. My team took out several enemy fighters with head shots so they could not turn into Zombies.
 The Governors crew are breaking into the front door while my crew start moving around the back.

Deputy Shane is engaging the Governors crew fro a nearby copse of trees. All the excitement attracts a zombie who needs to be dealt with.

My Guys are struggling to get into the room through the holes in the barricades. Tyree smashes another hole and Anna wriggles in because she is no use in the fight outside. However the stress of the combat is starting to tell. Some of the less confident members are starting to freak out.

One of the Governors party breaks and flees the pick up truck gunfight and runs straight into two zombies that come out of the trees. The end is not pretty

Inside the room Laurie gets shot dies and turns into a zombie. She then leaps up and jumps on Anna. The poor kid is terrified but wont suffer for long.

The Red Pick up gunfight is now over and Tyrese is now engaged in a punch up. Its hammering time.

Marchone has swung round behind the building and ends up in a fight with the Governor and one of his bat boys. She takes a beating but is still going. This happened in the comics

The Governors crew have managed to get two children out of the building.

The fighting around the front of the building has died down due to a lack of participants.

In the final turn, Marchone and Rick break through to the Governor and he gets sliced and diced.

The other heroes break through and engage the last of the Governors posse and everyone starts freaking out due to the stress of combat and the zombies.

So its Game Over Man. Roll Credits


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