Its 40K Jim but not as we know it.

I so wish 40K had moved to an alternate activation system rather than the I smash you turn 1 then mop up approach the game has turned into.

So Alan and I are going to try a game using the Kill Team turn sequence.

So I have dug out my Executioners and will get a little army together. I get to try out my hammer and anvil strategy with a basic marine army. I don't have to worry about whether the army is internet competitive or not. After reading the published background, I have decided to use the Black Templars chapter rules. They have good chapter tactics, warlord traits and an OK artifact but they don't have librarians. That's OK as long as I don't want to use psychic powers.

I have a Sternguard squad with a mix of combi weapons and special issue bolters

 Here is my assault squad they are made from old black reach terminators with weapons from a box of Vanguard Veterans.
 Here are some tactical squads and some officers
 Here are some more leaders and champions all ready to bring the Emperors punishment to the enemies of the Imperium. These all wear the yellow of the assault branch of the chapter where there is the greatest opportunity to gain glory in the service of the chapter.

I will probably take the "Champion of Humanity" warlord trait because it seems the most appropriate and maximises my chances of taking out an enemy character before they kill me.
I found an old rhino model and I am reconditioning it to bring it into line with other models. The old Rhino is smaller than the new generation. I need to add some exhaust stacks and to do some more work. The doors and badges are 3D printed symbols from Chapter Customiser.

It will be interesting to see how the game plays out with the different turn sequence.


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