Down and not very safe

After our game of Walking Dead, we decided to try out Ash Barkers "the Last Days". These are a simple but atmospheric set of rules where you can chose models from any range you have and pick the stat lines to match your concept of the characters. I guess its comparable in complexity to Frost

I bought some Blakes 7 models and used a Federation Crew. So I could imagine that Supreme Commander Servalan was leading her crew on a secret mission to recover one of her projects aimed at increasing her power amongst the Federation High Council.

It might seem odd using a low budget looking town for the episode, but the BBC were always using low budget sets.
Here we see Servalan, Space Commander Travis, an enhanced Mutoid, and 3 federation troopers.

So having landed their ship nearby Servalan is looking to recover the results of one of her black projects into population pacification. However this one seems to have gone a bit wrong and some of the workers have gone a bit berserk.

However Servalan is not the only party looking for information on the new federation weapon. Someone else has sent a team of undercover operatives to pose as workers and find out what is going on.

This is the part of the table we are playing on.

Alan had a mixed crew of survivors, for the purposes of this game lets call them the Enemy Agents.
The Federation soldiers spread out and make their way towards one objective.

One of the federation troopers got shot trying to retrieve the plans and the other got bogged down with a zombie before fighting his way clear.

Demonstrating the benefits of enhanced conditioning training and better weapons the Mutoid gunned down 3 enemy agents and a zombie.
 On the other flank Travis grabbed a set of plans before passing them to Servalan. The trooper flanked around the building and shot the enemy leader before being taken out by retaliatory fire.

Travis made a dash for the middle objective. However Servalan was being menaced by 3 zombies. Travis's training kicked in and he ran back to save Servalan. he ended up losing the fight to two zombies but this allowed the Supreme commander to survive in possession of a set of information.

At this point Alan was down to 2 models and the Federation team 3, both teams failed morale at the same time so no one got to clean up the field and recover the unclaimed loot.

These rules come with a nice campaign system, with advances and injuries. As befitting the restricted nature of resources there are no shops where you can go and spend money so you only have what additional weapons or equipment you can find by recovering salvage tokens.

This game was a lot of fun, after watching Ash's youtube videos we got into the game easily and didn't feel the need to look up the rules very often other than to look up what specific pieces of equipment did.

This is definitely something we will be playing again.


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