Wellington Warlords - Call to Arms convention

My local club, the Wellington Warlords ran our annual convention over the weekend. We had over 100 gamers at the event.
This year we had a much larger than usual number of demo games. The games were really impressive with some people have done a great job of making really impressive terrain.
We had 42 people at the 40K event. while this isn't large by international standards we had quite a few top players in the field so the games were fiercely contested.

This building always reminds me of Hogwarts. It is really impressive on the table

 Here are some House Taranis knights battling the Necrons

It was great to see people having fun with their hobby. The top 6 places all went to players with different armies which goes some way towards showing that a wide variety of armies can all be competitive.


  1. Nice photos John. Well done to the Warlords on hosting another great CTA,

    1. Thanks Pete, it looked like everyone enjoyed themselves.


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