Stargrave Solo game - the shifting maze

Here is my party of Apocalypse survivors. They are based on a squad from the Falling Skies series.
Here is what lies in wait in the maze.  There is an Alien queen surrounded by her guard and a few eggs.

At the start of your turn, you pick up the spare tile and push it into the 2nd, 4th or 6th row or column. This pushes a whole line of tiles and this changes what has been open passages into dead ends and opens new passages. The rooms are barely big enough to fit a whole party into so it's very likely that some characters will be in different rooms and could easily get caught in a shift. This is very like what happened in the pyramid in the AvP movie.

A couple of drones arrive in a corner.
There is a pathway to the Royal Guard for those that can get there and get in a shot. The Royal Guard are still asleep and don't wake for the first turn. So there is a small window of opportunity to set up a shot.
More Drones arrive near the nest.
We manage to stun the Royal Guard so it only got to advance almost into contact.
A round of close-range gunfire take down the monster.
The maze shifts and one of the eggs hatches into a facehugger which leaps through the newly opened wall and leaps on the Lieutenant before anyone can react.
A dog wanders into the maze, bark bark! Spoiler - it does not end well.
One of the troopers gets stranded looking at the Queen in the nest. As long as he didn't go into the nest or annoy the queen she would stay still and not attack him. But if he tried to shoot her or move through the next she would likely rip him to pieces. Some of the Aliens are safely trapped down at the edge of the maze.

The Captain and a couple of troopers advance to one of the loot tokens, unfortunately their motion detector goes off and an alien warrior approaches down the corridor. However it gets stunned by gunfire.

Stay tuned for part two next week.


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