7TV - V the Miniseries

 Alan and I played another game of 7TV Pulp yesterday. This time we based the game on a SciFi series. Aliens come to earth in a fleet of spaceships. The Visitors initially promise humanity benefits and access to new technology. Initially they show people how to cure cancer. Then incidents with scientists and journalists see increasingly harsh measures to take away traditional freedoms.

It turns out the Visitors want the water and protein on Earth. Humanity will become slave soldiers in the Visitors wars and for those that can't fight they become food. The Visitors turn out to be carnivorous reptiles that prefer their prey fresh or alive. Who new the cure for Cancer was BBQ sauce?

After NASA launched Ranger 3 with its pilot Captain William (Buck) Rogers and before the government turned to Skynet as the ultimate defence system, Earth was invaded by a race of mask wearing reptiles. Their motto was "we come in peace, eat your fill men".

Now with war between the Visitors and the human resistance breaking out, we move to downtown Los Angeles. The resistance has captured a Visitor engineer, or maybe they are trying to defect?

The Visitors want their engineer back and the resistance want to extract information.

The Visitors approach the location of the Resistance hide out in a bombed out city block.
The Visitors security detail open fire on the Resistance.
John, the Commander of the Visitors leads the advance in the middle.
The Resistance kill one of the security troopers.
The Visitors call down some air support and an explosion knocked down several members of the Resistance
The Security Robot leapt forward with a cheap special effect and opened fire with its electric gaze. The beam of searing energy cut down one of the Resistance and wounded the leader. Cue special effect like an X-ray with glowing green bones.
More laser fire finished off the resistance team.
The Resistance were not taking this lying down, their commander moved forward and unleased their secret weapon. This obliterated the Visitor commanders brain waves and he became confused about which side he was on.
The Commander fired at one of the security troopers, but his weapon interlock activated preventing him from shooting another Visitor. (Alan rolled three dice and got all ones when he needed a 3 or more on any one dice).

Being an Alien, John shook off the Dominated status at the end of the turn.
Diana the chief scientist got taken out with a gun shot. Don't worry she will be back.

John moved forward and used his alien powers to put the weakened condition On Alan's Renegade Royal. At this point the Visitors were down to their Star and two Security trooper extras
The Resistance had their Star, Co-Star and their VIP along with the captured, Visitor.

With that Clif hanger it was tome to roll credits and see who won. The Visitors had 5 points, 2 for having an objective and two for having killed a Co-Star, they also got a point for an enemy Co-Star having a status on them, for a total of 5.
The Resistance got 2 points for an objective and 2 points for being in possession of the enemy VIP for a total of 4.
So, a slight victory for the Visitors in a game that came down to the last dice roll.


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