Robin of Frostygrave

Thomas, James and I got in a game of Frostgrave second edition. I used my Robin of Sherwood themed warband. This was one of my favourite shows. it has an interesting blend of historical, myth and fantasy.

This is a shot of the cast
These are my models. They are not an exact likeness but it should be possible to tell which is which. 
Hern the Hunter is a Privateer Press model from their Hordes game. Robin, Little John and Friar Tuck are from Warlord games. Marion and Alan a Dale are from Hasslefree and the rest are made from a set of Frostrgrave adventurers.

We played the Ice Storm mission. At the end of each turn each player could choose to bombard a model with a shooting attack. This meant anyone carrying treasure was a priority target. We used one of the Club's mats and my collection of Battlefield in a Box terrain.

Here are my team moving out into the section of the city. My Wizard is a Thamaturge so doesn't have much in the way of offensive magic. This also has the advantage of giving him no reason to stand in he open and try and be an artillery piece. He can stand in cover and hand out healing and buffs for the troops.

Hern moves up behind the pillar being all dark and mysterious. Mutch and a Thug wait their turn.
The central treasure is sitting on a pile of rubble and its in no mans land covered by every archer and crossbowmen.
Alan a Dale who falls back on thievery because his singing is so bad. He picks up the treasure and makes it back off the table. Robin and Marion are hiding behind a fallen pillar. Robin manages to shoot a couple of people but gets smashed by falling ice splinters and not even Marion's kisses, (healing spells) can keep him upright but he recovers and will be back in time for the next episode.

Little John and Will Scarlet have made it to another treasure. They get attacked before they can pick up the treasure. Hern blinds one the the enemy and Little John dies to a critical hit from the blinded opponent. Will ends up in a fight with several enemy soldiers and takes down a couple before falling himself.
My Thief is unlocking the central treasure but a block of ice falls on him and he wakes up back in the Scarlet Arms.
My guys make off with a treasure while an ice spider almost makes it into combat with my thug. Thomas is massing a group of henchmen to make a push for the central treasure.

Mutch and Robin are laying down covering fire. A wall of fog covers the central treasure while my thief unlocks the central treasure.
The survivors lay down some covering fire. Mutch pops off some shots with his enchanted bow but manages to hit no one. (just like the show where he was well meaning but useless.
An Ice Spider shows up to try and turn my thug into a sushi roll. My apprentice blinded the spider so it c could not attack.
A Vampire shows up to scare James's wizard and apprentice. He gets to dine out on some thugs.
My team are undertaking a tactical withdrawal, we make it off with two treasures after missing out on the central treasure and losing one to James's team. James was using a Chronomancer and his main play was to cast a spell that gave his wizard extra activations. However many of the spells are difficult to cast resulting in many failures.

This was lots of fun. The game is very similar to the previous edition. Many of the spells seem to be better than before making choosing spells more interesting than ever.

We now have a group of 6 or more people to join in the campaign. So there will be plenty of opportunities to play different people.


  1. Nice one John. Looks like a cool game.
    When did they release a new version? I'm fairly certain I bought the original Frostgrave, but have never played it. I can't even say whether I've even opened the book to browse through. :) haha

    1. The new version is just out. Its fairly minor changes mostly to spell descriptions and similar limits on warband composition as Ghost Archipelago.


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