Last Days - Dances with Wolves

 Not really wolves but large numbers of dogs.

Alan Richard and I decided to play a season ending episode of Last Days. Apart from when the real Zombie plague confined us to #NZhellhole. We have been playing this campaign for a year. This morning I got to list to Ash talk about alternate apocalypse types coming out in the next issue of Blaster. It looks like there will be a robots rebellion, maybe automated soldier bots from the defence industry or maybe a quite war AI takeover. Alternatively it could be extraterrestrial synthetic lifeforms like the old Berserkers. Maybe we can dig out our survivors to deal with this new menace.

Next month we start our FrostGrave campaign. We will spend time until the end of the year building up our warbands and then start the Red Price campaign in 2021.

Our bands of intrepid survivors are being hunted by packs of Zombie (or merely desperate and hungry) dogs. After struggling through the forest our survivors see what could be a deserted farm through the trees. Can they make it before the dogs bring them down.

Here is an overview of the table. We are using one of the Clubs mats, and the plastic trees, the buildings are Alan's and most of the rest of the terrain is mine

Here are my federation team moving through the trees.
Here is why they are moving through the tree's.

We fall back through the forest and ready our weapons to thin out the number of dogs.
Richard's team are hounded by the dogs, who are in hot pursuit. Some of his group get snagged in combat.
My team are able to bring down several of the dogs in their first volley.
The opening volley brings down 5 of the 9 dogs chasing us. However we make a lot of noise and will attract some more dogs. 
Unfortunately my Mutoid missed with her shotgun and was now close to the dogs. She is heavily modified with cyber organics and is toughness 5 with 5 wounds so she should be hard to kill.
Some zombies shamble out of the farmstead and start to try and cross the slippery frozen pond. This photo demonstrate how hard it is to take shots of models in amongst the trees. Damn you auto focus.
Alan's team have not even bothered to fall back from the dogs. He has some close combat monsters in his team, including Olaf who chops opponents into sushi with half a helicopter blade. Even surrounded by 3 dogs its an even fight.
Richard decides to fight fire with fire and uses his dog to fight the other dogs. Its a good move because dogs don't care about being outnumbered.
We have fallen back for another round of shooting.
Travis and sub commander Pol are flanking aound the other side of the pond. One of the zombies is hit so many times it can't move
We are using an alternate method for the dogs arriving. We rolled a scatter dice and the distance was 2d6+ the Intelligence of the generating model. one of my soldiers had a dog arrive 6" away. federation troopers are not very bright.
A series of hand to hand combats has broken out in Alan's rear area. The saner members of Alan's band are moving towards some supplies over a rocky hill. They need to be careful not to end up silhouetted against the skyline because two of my guys have that area covered and they have automatic weapons. I might not be able to resist the temptation.
Richards team have broken free of the dogs and are making a run towards the buildings.
Travis hacks down a dog with his machette before it can attack the sub commander.

Trooper green shanks the dog attacking him, he might be a bit slow on the uptake but he is good in a fight. The Mutoid is now under attack from 3 dogs.
Alan's team are still fighting the dogs in hand to hand combat. Servalan is leading her team into cover of the rocks. Baben is cutting down dogs with his Smart Gun.
Travis and the sub commander admire their handiwork.
Servalan's fire team have Alan's guys pinned down behind the rocks.
The dogs are trying to chew on the Mutoid. 
Servalan, Travis and their troopers make it to the building and collect some supplies.
The Mutoid is slowly being chewed up by the dogs.
Richards team have made it into the yellow building and the federation team are entering the white building.
The mutoid manages to take out one of the dogs but then succumbs to the attack of the others.
All the teams are now safe in the buildings and can rest up in time for another season.

All the groups are pretty powerful with a number of automatic weapons so we can usually handle the casual threats of zombies. However some robots with machine guns could completely change the game.


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