Fighting Irish - who let the dogs out

I bought a couple of boxes of Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish Warriors. I can make a Saga army out of these. They could be Irish, Norse Gaels, Scots or Welsh.

I have managed to get some paint on these models I also made some axe armed models. I can use them as hearthguard, warlords or champions. These models are a mix of the FireForge games models with Irish accessories

The Irish come with some wardogs I painted these for our recent Last Days. I tried out my new mixed basing material on them. I like the effect so I will use it on the rest of the army. I also had some Mastiffs. painted cream with black noses Alan suggested hey were war pugs.

I have been trying to find out what the Welsh looked like during the War of the Roses. You would think with the internet it would be easy but the best image came from my 30 year old Wargames Research Group (WRG) book Armies of the Middle Ages. This book contains loads of line drawings but no colour plates.

I have also been assembling some Victrix Numidians. I got some Elephants, some cavalry and some infantry. I can use them in Saga age of Hannibal (or Age of Magic) or Infamy Infamy.

The Victrix models are very nice they go together well. Some people have commented about the lack of poses but I think it's OK for a unit game. Chances are every one in the unit is doing a similar thing like throwing their javelins at the same time.

This weekend I have a game of Saga Age of Magic. Richard is taking his new Dwarf army out for a spin. I will dig out my Dark Elves, so we can have a classic Elf vs Dwarf battle.


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