Hobby Update - the Apocalypse Week 5

New Zealand has gone into Covid response level 3. Practically this makes no difference.I am still working from home and not going out, except to the supermarket (I get to bring home the bacon) and round the block for a walk. Luke is coming with me and will tell me things about Pokemon that mortal man was not meant to know.

Many of my favourite YouTube channels are struggling to create wargaming content while under lock down conditions. Some very loving wives and partners have been drafted to take part in games. A shout out to these unheralded heroines of gaming (especially when they beat the channel owners).

We have been catching up with people via Zoom. This is more social than before we went into lockdown.

I have been working on a number of projects. Kill teams are coming along.

I am thinking about how I could engineer a campaign with players doing their moves and me playing the games. I might also set up a Rangers of Shadow Deep and play that on the coffee table. I might be worthwhile trying to create a video of a game.

I made some bases out of the AK Interactive crackle medium and I have added some tufts

Here are the World Eaters. these 6 might not be able to eat a whole world but they can certainly eat a kill team.
Here are some noble scions of the Ultramarines both these chapters have featured in GW fiction usually on the losing side.

I started making this base for an old Nightlord model I made 10+ years ago. I saw someone making an ice base with an embedded model and I had a hollow base from some Mierce miniatures I got a few weeks ago.

I have tried to paint the Skeleton in blue colours to make it look colder than the standard bone yellow colour would look. I need to smooth out the top of the ice and add some scattered snow. The I can attach the marine on top.

These are some adventurers for Zona Alpha. Thsi game looks cool but Owen broke it after two games so it needs some house rules to stop people creating unkillable characters. These models could also be useful in Last Days.

I did some more work on the Warp lightning cannon. I got some green on the warpstone and got some into the runes carved into the cannon to make the runes glowing. I might go back and add some yellow ink to make the stone glow more.

over the last couple of days I got a strange urge to paint Romans so I dug some out and I now have some elements of Legionaries and Auxilia painted and on element bases.

I also made a dice tray out of a picture frame some felt and a design I created.


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