Hobby Time - The Apocalypse Week 2

We are now under COVID 19 level 4 containment protocol. Typically there would be a Warlords meeting this weekend however this has been cancelled.

So good news there is more hobby time. Alan Richard and I have been having video hang outs while we paint or model.

I have painted a Lamenters Kill Team. These use the Blood Angel rules. Here is the first team.

Here is the second half of the team. The team is made from a Blood Angel Tactical box and some left over bits from Sternguard and other boxes. This was a first time painting so much Yellow. I was inspired by Vince Venturella to include more shadows into the yellow mix even as far as light rust. 

The Terminator is painted in Death company colours he can be a bit hard to kill and he negates the plamagun effect with a Storm Shield.

I then started to work on some other Kill Teams after finishing the  Lamenters. I was overcome with the desire to paint more yellow so I dug out a Howling Griffon Kill Team and started painting them last night.

I also got out the Marines Errant team, what you don't have one of these as well? These are coming along nicely and I can use the left over yellow and red on the chapter symbol.

This afternoon I got out some of my old Skaven. Some of these models are 25 years old. I worked on rebasing them to the round and oval bases while I was chatting with Alan and Richard. I have a couple of warlord and wizard models and then a couple of points of Hearthguard, some warriors, a couple of destruction teams and a warmachine and then some levies. I have a monster as another option. I need to convert the levy to have slings or bows, then the rats can be the combat levy.

It's nice to have a game I can use my old Warhammer models for and they can also play against some of my Historical Saga armies who can be transported into the age of magic.


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