Hobby Time, The Apocalypse Week 3

I managed to receive a package of essential supplies from Firestorm Games. These shipped just before the lock down went into effect so were probably a week slower than normal. Given what is happening around the world I think that's a huge achievement from postal services and airlines around the world.

I got three boxes of Fireforge Games fantasy models, these are diseased looking undead models that I will combine with the warrior models I got from Avatars of War. This will give me a Horde army for Saga Age of Magic. These are inspired by the Skin Riders from the old Malus Darkblade novels. Disease ridden fantasy Northmen will look suitably disgusting.

This is also perfect timing because its Easter so I'm on Holiday at home. I also dug out some of my Skaven models, these must be nearly 30 years old. My initial order came signed by Andy Chambers back when he was a GW mail order dispatcher.

I now have another Saga Age of Magic Army. I have a Warlord, Sorcerer, 4 units of warriors, Behemoth, Levies, artillery 2 destruction teams. One of the unit of warriors has firearms, 2 have great weapons and one is normal.

I have also been painting some more Badab War kill teams. I have made a Howling Griffins and A Marines Errant team.

These chapters are both followers of the Codex so they will use the Ultramarines chapter tactics.

A while ago I got some buildings from Warlord Games, these make great ruined buildings for almost any game period. I have made some bases for them and I have added some extra details with matchsticks and I can now add some rubble to integrate them into the bases. I used some of the Exruded PVC board Alan gave me. this is great stuff.

I plan on adding some teddy bear fur as some thatch.


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