The Adepticon Saga

I am going to Adepticon with the Family at the end of March. I am an Adepticon noob. I managed to get into a couple of the Saga events. The Age of Magic on Thursday and the Age of Vikings on Sunday.

For the Age of Magic event I am taking an undead army. I will be using: A Necromancer Warlord
2 points of Hearthguard, 4 points of warriors, 1 monster and 1 point of creatures.
Typically I will trade in 2 hearthguard and 4 warriors for some combination of a Black Knight, and extra creature or a catapult.

I am having some fun painting some new models to make the list.

I got in a game against Thomas over the weekend. This was a real eyeopener. My attacks bounced off Thomas's units who always seemed to have extra defense dice, attack dice or both. My Hearthguard got a big surprised when Tom revealed that his archers could shoot units that were charging them.

It was a good learning experience and an opportunity to hopefully recruit Thomas into our Saga community.

Some of my ideas worked quite well, combining Nightmares and Cursed combined to shut down two of Toms units and exhaust them.

Here are the pictures of the game.


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