Saga Age of Magic

Alan and I got in a game of Saga Age of Magic today. We were trying out some new armies and to keep some familiarity with the Saga rules. I used an undead army and Alan was using his Goblins and Trolls as a Horde.

We played the battle of warbands from the rulebook and we got the third deployment type where each unit has to be M away from each other.

Alan had 3 points of Hearthguard, one of which was the Berserkers, he had a colossus, 1.5 points of bipedal creatures, .5 points of levy, a point of mounted warriors and a sorcerer.

I had 2 points of Hearthguard, 4 points of warriors a Behemoth and a Sorcerer. I spent 2 hearthguard and 4 warriors on a Black Knight and a Catapult.

Turn 1
Alan was the first player so he had the first turn, moving up and setting up the battleboard.

Alan's levy move onto the rocky hill flanked by the berserkers. Alan's Monster led the way on the right flank and the Warriors on wolves moved up on the hill.

The goblins manage to kill a skellie archer with their arrows.

The Undead load up their battleboard and move forwards.

My Necromancer moves forward and tries to drain life from the goblins but this fails. The Skellie warriors move forwards One units advances right infront of the giant troll. 
The Black Knights move up to just outside L of the Troll chief but will be inside L if he advances.

Turn 2
Alan played the ability that adds S to his charge moves.
The Troll chieftain charges the Skellie warriors, The Skellies pop Already Dead and absorb the casualties but end up exhausted. The Troll falls back confused because it can't trample the skellies.

 Alan then follows this up with an assault on the exhausted warriors with the lesser trolls. I have Rusted weapons from Alan's sorcerer and Alan spends a fatigue to improve his armour. I think I raised shields and Spent Alan's fatigue to make him hit me on 5s. I ended up hitting 4 times and with the extra saves I won the combat. Alan's trolls won the fight and I fell back within range of my Necropolis. Alan decided to keep all his trolls so the ended up exhausted.

The Berserkers advance and smash into my Sorcerer, he kills 2 but gets killed himself. This was my fault from moving him up too far. A lesson learned.

The Wolf riders storm into the Black Knight. The Knight kills one but ends up exhausted. The Wolf riders fall back.

The Skellie warriors charge the Wolves. I use Howling pack to gain 3 extra dice.
The Wolves are wiped out for the loss of 3 Skellies.

My Monster kills off he Berserkers and has to use his resilience to absorb wounds.

 My Knights charge into the Exhausted unit of Creatures and kill them off.

Turn 3
Alan is now down 4 Saga dice so is constrained by what he can do. His Sorcerer supports his Troll Chieftain who charges my Knights and stomps them flat.

My Turn is spent repairing my Skellie units and moving them into position for the next turns. I think I manage to shoot a Hearthguard with my archers and Catapult.

Turn 4

 Alan's Hearthguard attack my Skellies. I lose the fight and fall back but kill a couple of Heartguard.

 My Monster is in a bad position, he is being peppered with Arrows from the Goblins and keeps having to use his resilience.
Turns 5 and 6
The troll Chieftain charges my other unit of Warriors with a free activation and fatigue removal from the sorcerer.

I lose the first combat and get pushed back. The second round is a draw and the troll gets pushed back.

The Goblin Hearthguard are in a bind, they are being whittled down by my missile fire and don't fancy getting into a war of attrition with the Skellie warriors who now have a significant advantage in numbers to make good use of Howling pack.
The Troll is facing off against a growing unit of Skellie warriors and the black knight is now fully rested .
At this point the Goblins fall back and the game ends.

So Loads of fun and a chance to try out some different models and see how the game plays differently from Saga Age of Vikings.


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