Mission to Destiny part 2

We played a second game of our Last Days campaign. After our first game Richard's group had possession of the medicine.

This was intended to be delivered to a group of survivors called Destiny. Richard decided that he would try and deliver the medicine and complete the original plan. A dead drop was arranged at a warehouse. Richards team would leave the goods in the warehouse and then the Destiny group would move in to collect them.

Alan and I decided this was too good an opportunity to miss and decided to take a shopping trip. This is an overview of the table, some abandoned warehouses, overgrown fields and patches of trees.

The Federation team deploy behind the warehouses. Servelan has recovered from the Zombie sickness, but Trooper green is still sick. Rather than risk getting the crew sick we left him behind. Travis took over the assault rifle.
 Richard's crew got to start in the warehouse, they began moving out, they were doing a good job of attracting the zombies.
Richard's team recover some loot from the warehouse and some nearby vehicles while exfiltrating the area.

The Federation team advance to the back of the warehouse and prepare entry points.
After searching the warehouse Richard's crew make their exit, some zombies stand in their way but are dispatched without too much effort.
 Two of the federation team search some likely looking barrels and find a shotgun and some scavenge items.
 Servalan, Travis and Sub Commander Pol enter the other warehouse and search for valuables.
The Destiny group trying to recover the medicine are starting to get bogged down by Zombies.
Alan's crew have taken over a nearby farmhouse and are searching for valuables.
Richard's team have discovered some valuables in this house, unfortunately they are valuables I placed there. Someone is getting a bit greedy. Richard's fireman breaks down the gate in the fence.
Servelan has made it to the edge of the warehouse and is considering a dash across into the other warehouse to grab the medicine. In the end she decides it'snot worth the risk in the face of Alan's team members advancing in greater numbers.
The Destiny crew are cautiously advancing towards the warehouse. They are trying to clear out the zombies in their immediate vicinity.

The Destiny recovery team are getting bogged down by Zombies entering the area.

Alan's crew of renegades start a running gun battle with the Destiny crew one of the destiny crew is skewered by an arrow. Alan's Banana costume guy gets wounded but ducks behind a tree. The rest of the Destiny crew are cutting their way through the zombies.
 Alan's guys are looting the farm house.
A close up of the ruined house. Alan even modeled in the broken windows.
 Servelan, Travis and their guard make their way back to the exit they made at the back of the warehouse.
 The Destiny crew have now cleared out all the zombies and are ready to make a push to the warehouse.
 My Mutoid suggests that Richrards leader not remove Federation property, when he respectfully declines she levels her weapon at him.
Travis runs down to support the Mutoid while sub commander Pol waits for Servalan.
Richards fireman, Des charges the Mutoid, she shoots him and then finishes him off in close combat with a gun butt to the face.
 Ruchard is sending some supports around the side of the building. Richard's leader picks up the treasure and leaves Des to deal with the Mutoid, that doesn't work out too well for Des but he makes a full recovery.
 The House empties quickly after the fighting.
 The destiny crew are still trying to get clear of the zombies.
One of the Destiny crew makes it to the front of the warehouse as Alan's crew slip out the back, the cackling laughter of Mr Banana skin is broken up by an outburst of coughing over his wounds.

The game wound down at this point with all the crews making their getaway. Richard recovered 5 treasures, Alan and I got three and the Destiny team got none. Richard also had one casualty who will make a full recovery after some bed rest.

The after game section is now much harder in Seasons, you need people able to get food and water and fuel and then have some to work the features of your hideout or recruit more members, Richard was concerned about having so many people to feed I have the other problem I only have 6 people which is easier to feed but is not forgiving of mistakes on the table.


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