Forgebane, underhive gangs, executioners and daemonhosts.

It has been a bit of a busy week with the hobby. I have been busy assembling 30 gangers in 3 gangs of ten. I have Orlocks, Eshers and Goliaths assembled and waiting some paint. I need to decide some colour schemes. Given people live underground without sunlight I think pale skin and layers of grime will be the order of the day.

I made a list with inquisitor Eisenhorn last week so now I need to make a model for Cherubael. I had a go trying to make one out of a Zombie and then some bits of a chaos Marauder. I have now found one of my Hasselfree models as the base. I need to add some legs and some binding cloths. Then I can add some purity seals. I have also been reading some Dan Abnett books, Magus and Pariah. It was good to read some Inquisition stories again after all these years.

I did some more work on my Executioners I got the red going on the Sternguard sergeant and the Lieutenant. Now I can add the white for the feathers and the scrolls.

I also got a care package from Firestorm Games. It has a Landspeeder and a Rhino. So I can make a gunship and an armoured recon unit. According to the doctrine, Executioners fight for information rather than use stealth.

I also have a box of Forgebane models to assemble. All the models are useful, the Necrons are all models that came out after I stopped playing 40K so they are all useful. The Adeptus Mechanicus models are great and the stand outs are the two mini knights.

I assembled some infinity models as well. There are some Combined Army models and some opponents.

So loads of painting to do next week and a game for the weekend to organise.


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