Bases, GW technical paints and rusty metal, Orange is the new ultramarine blue.

I have been doing some work on the bases for my Necromunda gangers and my Executioner marines. I found my set of GW paints and have been playing around with the Typhus corrosion, the Ryza rust and the Nurgles rot.

The Nurgles rot does a great impression of the contents of my handkerchief when I have a cold. I am not sure whether this is an indictment on me or the paint.

So my part of the underhive is now filled with rusty metal and slime filled gutters. The Ryza rust is a very thick and gloopy bright orange. You can stipple this on to give more texture or drybrush it on.
I think I will drybrush some Necron Compound around the doors and other features on my Necromunda wall set I got from Death Ray Designs

I have assembled and undercoated my gangers and mounted them on their bases. So now I need to work out their colour schemes.

I think the Orlocks look the easiest to design a scheme for. I think they will be a bike gang look. Black leather jackets, blue grey pants and coloured shirts.

I think the Eshers will be the hardest. I probably need to do some research on rollerskating teams to look at different schemes so I can avoid the stereotypical black and yellow.



  1. Dude. A Roller Derby Escher gang would be awesome. I almost kind of wish mine weren't nearly done so I could steal the idea from you :D

    Also, I've been kind of leery about Ryza Rust because a Dry doesn't seem quite right for rust (which in my experience tends to accumulate in cracks and corners, where something really thin would make more sense, but they way you've got it stippled on there has convinced me to give it a try.


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