A productive weekend

Ask Barker at Guerrilla Miniatures Games made the comment that making and painting Space Marines is both therapeutic and rather addictive. I made another Crusader squad for the Executioners and another 5 guys for the Sternguard squad. I dug into my stash of models and found some Mk3 Iron Armoured models (what doesn't everyone have stash of forgeworld resin models.

So suddenly my skirmish project has 60 models in power armour and a squad of assault terminators I made from the assault at Black Reach models. I had a happy afternoon swapping tactical arms with lightning claws and a thunder hammer and storm shield (to take all those heavy weapons shots).

After last weeks game of Necromunda against Alan I got inspired to make some Venators that's the new word for Bounty Hunters out of spare bits from all sorts of ranges. So I now have the first members of Black Sump Asset Recovery. No job too dark, no job too wet.

I am also starting work on assembling the Van Saar models. It will be interesting to see how they take the remaining gangs in a new direction for this edition.

I saw the preview for Adeptus Titanicus. This would have been a cool game but the models are not epic scale so it will be another Inquisitor where you need special terrain and no other models are compatible.

I also heard rumours about Aeronautica Imperialis. If this is 6mm this will be great. If GW release plastic planes then this will allow other people to get into the game and I can champion it for GW locally. If they pick another scale then probably not something I will get into.


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