What I have been doing in my holidays

As predicted, I got some new models for Christmas.

I have been working on the Kastellan Robots. I have been enjoying using the Vallejo model air colours. These produce a great range of colours that work really well through both the airbrush and a normal brush. Vince Venturella recommended them. I recommend people check out his channel on YouTube for painting inspiration.

I went with a Cylon inspired colour scheme. I decided not to convert the heads into Cylon Helmets but did make the eye scanner glow effect on the screens.

The weapons are magnetised so I can change between fists and guns.

I might buy another set and paint them gold to be leaders of the units. I think one unit of 4 with fists and two with guns might be the right number.

I have also been working on the Kataphron Destroyers. These are big bad battle cyborgs mounting heavy weapons. Either heavy grav or plasma.

I also got inspired to paint this model today. I got this model back in 2005. I was stopped because I could not decide a scheme I liked.

So with some blue tack and spray cans I set about emulating the Soviet camouflage. Not bad for a couple of hours work.

I have seen people put all sorts of hobby goals for 2018. My hobby goals would be to enjoy my hobby, feel inspired in my creativity and share the fun with my friends.


  1. Nice work, looks like you had a good holiday! What is the flyer model? I don't recognise it.

    1. The plane is the Hellblade, its from Forgeworld. Its an air superiority fighter with 4 auto cannons. You can read about them in some of Dan Abnets Gaunt's Ghosts novels or more specifically in the book about the air war of the Sabbat Worlds crusade.


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