Stanley's for WOTR

We are running a DBA collaborative War of the Roses period at the club this year. this is an opportunity for people to get some historical gaming experience and maybe we can make a new community of the club members.

The idea is that we can play a mix of individual games, smaller scenarios and larger collaborative games.

I have been making the Stanleys. They successfully navigated the changing politics of Lancstrian and Yorkist kings by being too important to kill and just loyal enough.

They came out of the wars having done very well. The only person who did better was Henry Tudor.

I have my models mostly painted and now I need to make the bases.

Hopefully everyone will be able to bring their forces down to the club for the AGM so we can see who is into the period and how the armies are going.

Maybe we can have some individual games and then a collaborative game in March.


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