Charge Plasma weapons to maximal

To complement my Kastellan robot maniples I made over Christmas I have been collecting some Kastellan destroyers.

I have magnetised the weapons so I can change between plasma and grav cannons. I now have enough units for a 1750 point army of pure adeptus mechanicus forces without using the knights.

With the right combination of forgeworld and stragems this unit can put out 6D6 shots hitting on 3s rerolling 1s S8 with +1 to wound and doing 3 damage with -3 saving throws. That's a reasonable chance of taking out a superheavy tank or a knight in one go. Not bad for only 360 points. Normally you have to use twice as many points to kill something, so any time you can get close to killing your own points in one go its a real bargain.

I also have a second Dunestrider tank. I am not sure whether it is better to have the Neutron laser or the Eradication Beamer. They both do the same maximum damage but the change of the neutron laser doing nothing is higher. With two tanks I will probably have one with the laser and one with the Icarus Array.


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