Saga - Scots a bridge too far

I went out to the Hutt for a couple of games of Saga. For those who don't know, the Hutt valley is a bit like a post apocalyptic world. piles of burning tyres, cars up o blocks and severed heads on stakes. Just kidding its really a lovely place.

I was playing a Scots Army in the river crossing mission. I was using my Templars again.

Here are my Templars, deployed around a hill covering one of the crossings, with the Scots lined up opposite. The challenge in this scenario is how to divide your forces to cover both river crossings.
I ended up deploying opposite the Scots So we were both strong on the same side and weaker on the other. I wonder whether I should have used my mobility to move all my knights to the weaker flank and rush the Scots and get my whole army over the river.
Here the Scots advance over the bridge and here are my sergeants and crossbows advance on the other side

My mounted sergeants led the way but ran into the javelins and archery of the Scots. Only two survivors made it over the river and clear of the Scots. My foot sergeants were next into the fray, but I had a trap lined up. The Scots Warriors threw javelins at me and killed a sergeant. I played the Saga ability "God is Merciful". This allows me to activate for movement and charge the Scots warriors. I also get an extra attack per model. 

I killed all 8 warriors for the loss of three sergeants and got over the river in my opponents turn.

One the other flank my warlord and brothers are fighting a losing battle with the Scots warlord and his heathguard. 
I ended up not quite being able to get all of my crossbowmen across the river because I could not roll the right activation dice. So I ended up losing this 6 points to 5.


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