Eldar for 40K 8th edition

I am getting out my Eldar army to refresh for 8th edition. This army was the last one I played in a tournament during 4th edition. I think this army was the first where I used Vallejo paints for much of the work so got a bit better at blending.

I have always been into designing armies so they fit the background. This army I designed as being all vehicle mounted high speed attack force. The vehicles are also not painted like any specific craftworld and hark back to the Rogue Trader Eldritch raiders.

I got inspired to use this army, because no one else is using them, I could enhance and add to my existing army rather than have to build a whole new army (such as an Inquisition led Imperium army) so I can get playing quickly with models I am happy to use.

Here are my unit of Jet Bikes. I started building these and then dropped them from the army when I found they didn't really do anything other than draw fire and possibly contest objectives.

Now they can all have scatter lasers they might be able to deliver a decent weight of fire.

When I started making the army there were only a very limited range of Farseer and Warlock models. All very old single piece metals. So I started making models out of plastic Guardians. I bulk ordered a lot of Tyrions sword arms to become the witch blades. This allowed me to get some more dynamic poses and variations. A bit more like the Jedi knights. Here are some models under construction showing how I built the models, from Guardian bodies and green stuff robes.

 Here are the infantry models I used in the army. I even used a unit of Storm Guardians, (guardians with close combat weapons).
 Because no self respecting Eldar warrior walks across the battlefield getting shot, if they can avoid it. so where are my vehicles. There are still a ludicrous number of gem stones to paint. I even remember working on the models while in the airport lounge waiting for the flight to Australia.
 More Wave Serpents with a variety of different weapons. The one in front uses the Forgeworld conversion kit and resin turret.
Here are some new models. I have made some squads of rangers and a new Autarch with wings, banshee mask, fusion gun and power sword. I have also made a new model of Illic Nightspear, he is so good at camouflage, he does not show up when photographed.

Sniper units look like a good investment given the number of characters running around that can buff or debuff units.


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