Blakes 7

This was a TV show from my childhood. Back then, the idea of being a Robin Hood in space driving around in the most advanced spaceship in the galaxy sounded great. Now watching it again especially binge watching it for hours at a time you get to see how the characters changed.

At the start of the show, Blake is leading a peaceful protest movement trying to change the government through civil action. After two seasons, Blake is leading a military strike on the central computer system responsible for managing the lives of millions of people. Talk about the end justifying the means.

The morally ambiguous nature of the "good guys" is ahead of its time. The weaknesses of the characters make them interesting. This is definitely not a Star Trek crew of happy people on a mission of peaceful exploration.

So what does this have to do with wargaming? Well, 7TV made a rage of models that do a good job of capturing the likenesses of the cast and extras and for terrain, well any industrial factory or disused quarry would be fine. (apparently one episode was shot inside a British nuclear facility)

So I have ordered a set of the models from Beast in the Broch, Now I just need to finalise a set of rules to use. You can see the models from this link.


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