Last days - underground bunker

Supreme Commander Servalan led her crew into an underground Federation facility looking to find off planet communications to the Federation or parts for the damaged pursuit ship. Like many black projects within the Federation the researchers had been working on new bio weapons, population control and genetic enhancement projects.

Based on the state of the population, something had gone badly wrong and some kind of phage had mutated the population and driven them berserk. This was obviously the work of anti Federation terrorists and saboteurs trying to bring down the Federation.

Alan and I played another game of Last Days, this time we played the Massacre Site scenario. This involved finding some former survivors who had recently turned into zombies. We used my Necromunda tiles and the Death Ray Design walls to make the underground base. Alan was using an eclectic collection of models for his gang. A former outlaw biker and some exotic dancers a former emergency worker in his underpants and one guy wearing a banana costume. The banana costume is most likely some kind of custom environmental suit.

 Here are the establishing shots of the base. The Federation are at the bottom and the trouble causing anarchists are at the top.

The scatter terrain is from Spartan Games. Unfortunately they went under a while back so their terrain pieces are not currently available.

I have bunks a medic bay, a command center, computer consoles and some mess facilities. most of this terrain didn't do anything but it adds to the immersion and the story.

Here is the initial set up. There are 5 mutated scientists (zombies) carrying the loot. I used some Hobbit goblins to represent the scientists so we could differentiate them from the other zombies.

 Servalan led a Federation trooper and Sub commander Pol towards one of the Scientists. Pol had to splash through some shallow water.
Travis led the other trooper and the Mutoid down a parallel passage towards another mutant.

Entering from the administration blocks, the anarchists make their way through medical and towards one of the recreation areas.

In true Federation style the trooper cuts down the mutant and is ready to collect the information. Servalan has moved back to get away from the disgusting creature. Sub Commandet Pol has moved up, opened the door and the moved back. this will enable him to lure the mutant on the other side of the wall into a killing ground.

The anarchists had been busy infiltrating parts of the complex. Their banana suited crazy snuck up on a zombie and tried to blast it with his sawn off shotgun. When this failed the less technically advanced ax succeeded in ending is suffering.

All this gunfire was making a lot of noise and the denizens of the complex start arriving. The outbreak victims are wearing a mix of prison uniforms and administration clothing, depending on what they had been before the outbreak.

 The anarchists have infiltrated the rec centre and opened the door into the command and operations areas. A firefight ensues and the federation trooper was downed. The Mutoid gained revenge and killed his killer moments later.

The Anarchists have left the door open and are starting to be swamped by zombies. Captain underpants the crazed rescue worker raced back with a salvage counter and started wading into the zombies to keep the exit open.

 Commander Travis has recovered a set of look and makes a break for it.

At this point the game got rather exciting and I stopped taking pictures. Travis Servalan and Pol and survived with loot counters the other 3 members of the team were all taken out. The Mutoid survived, the other trooper learned from his experience, but trooper Baldrick got an eye injury to go with his arm injury from last game. Baldrick is now relegated to the rearguard and may give up his SMG to Pol in exchange for his pistol.

The anarchists managed to recover 2 loot tokens and make their escape. One of their gang members managed to survive while surrounded by 4 zombies.

The Federation team gathered enough parts to repair their damaged life support system allowing their ship to support more team members. They also managed to recover an incendiary grenade, a club and 2 silencers.

Next game I might get enough salvage to recruit an extra team member.


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