The Arms Race is on again

After playing the Marines again, I realised just how fragile Marines are. They can't go toe to toe with many 40K armies in a straight up shootout so they need to be handled carefully. They are a toolbox army, they can move a bit shoot a bit and fight a bit but are not really good at anything compared to the standouts in one field.

After playing Alan and seeing how good the Primaris and especially the Hell Blasters are I broke my first theme rule for the Executioners and I am getting some of my own. Originally, I had thought that my chapter would be unlikely to have been allocated Primaris after they were on the losing side of the Badab War and had to undertake a 100 year penitent crusade.

Given that the timeline has bumped forwards 300 years or so from the end of the Badab War and the Executioners came out of the war with their base intact. So given the desperate straights of the Imperium and 200 years to rebuild, I decided that the Executioners could get some of the Primaris action. I spent the weekend making the marine part of the tooth and claw box.

The models in the tooth and claw box are very nice. They are full models rather than simple assembly. I didn't attach the Space Wolf bits. I am not sure about the Aggressors. they look good for shooting up light troops but they have no strategic mobility such as an option to deepstrike and they only have T5  and 2 wounds so they die as easily as a normal marine to a plasma gun.
Here are some Genestealer cult models I accidentally assembled. The new models from tooth and claw are very nice. The Abominations are suitably hideous.

Here are some more marines I made out of spare bits.

I have been experimenting with a two tone zenethal undercoat. I used a red brown base and then a grey top colour. Hopefully this will provide some colour shift between the highlights and shadows.
Here are the new primaris marines. These guys have a lot of firepower against infantry but don't offer much against tanks or monsters.

Here are my Hellblasters, in the background is the dreadnought from the Tooth and Claw boxed set. There is also a metal dreadnought I converted to have twin lascannons. It looks tiny next to the Primaris version.

There is also a pilot from the old shuttle terrain set.


  1. Very nice work! I need to pick this box up myself at some point to add to my Dark Angels and Genestealer Cults.


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