They got legs and the know how to use them

I got done some more work on the legs of my knights. I had been painting the armour panels separately and now I have got them to the point where I can attach them to the legs. I really enjoyed painting the metallic colours on the legs with the Vallejo model air colours. I have used 4 different shades of silver paint. The colours go on really well with a brush. The silver then got some shades of nuln oil. The gold is a mixture of copper and gold with a wash of Agrax. That stuff is really liquid talent.
 Here are the Knight legs.

The next steps are to paint the cables and then add the transfers. The dragons on the banners are all hand painted. I may add kill markings if I can get some transfers to work.

Some white or black skulls on the bottom of the banner might look cool.

Here is the white Knight, I have also painted the gold on his top panels, so they got included in the shot. I need to do some more variation on the gold for the front of the carapace.

Here are a couple of Admech characters. These are a Dominus and an Enginseer. These are painted in Stygies 8 colours so they are good at sneaking or hiding while they scavenge Xenos Tech.

I made some counters to provide command points and help me remember which canticle is in play.

I have also made the forgeworld dogmas and the warlord traits.

These tokens now have some stick on felt backing so they are a bit more resilient and long lasting.


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