Forgeworld production lines running hot

So far it has been a very productive holiday season. I have built 4 Kastellan Robots, 3 Kataphron Destroyers, 2 Plasma Reactors and a Cybernetic Datasmith.

The Robots are great to make, you can cut the retaining lugs out of the legs to get a lot of posability. This is contrasted by the arms which are just one piece so you get a sleep walking zombie pose. I magnetised the weapons. So I can swap between fists and phospor blasters.
 I have also been making the bases for all the units and the getting started with Adeptus mechanicus. This is my current standard recipe of bark for the rocks, sand and then mixed herbs for the vegetation. Next I need to make the snow and maybe do some highlights to the rocks.
I also magnetised the weapons on the servitors so I can swap between plasma or grav cannon.


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