Hobby update - volcanic vents

 I got inspired by a picture of some volcanic vents on the Crooked Dice site. These are STL files

Being old or at least old skool, I embarked on making some of my own.

I made these by casting some vent shapes in large glasses. I made the molds out of tin foil. The vent shape using a rolling pin and then bending the foil back over itself with a toilet roll which was just wider than the end of the rolling pin.

I had to carefully stuff the foil into the glass and then fill the shape with casting plaster.

For some of the first casts I made the casting plaster too watery, I wanted it to flow into the gaps in the mold but it ended up a bit weak and fragile. I got the mix better on the second batch.

I then glued the vents to bases and painted them. Dark on the outside and then tried for a glowing effect on the inside.

These make nice line of sight blocking terrain for infantry and obstacles for vehicles.


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