Stargrave Mega City One

I got to play my first game of Stargrave against a real live person. Spiro came down to the club for a game for the first time in years. I dug out a couple of crews using my collection of Warlord Games Judge Dredd models.

I made one team of Mega City One Judges and one of Sov Judges. I also used some of the street gang models as the pirates.

I have a strike force of Sov Judges led by Orlok and supported by the mystic Judge Gogol. I based Orlock on the Rogue background. I could have selected the Create Drone power to give Orlok his Satelat companion but I forgot that one. It didn't really matter Orlok was pretty rubbish at casting his powers, I think he only got off two powers all game and they cost him health to get them to work. 

The rest of the team consists of a Gunner, A Burner a Grenadier and two troopers. The team is rounded out with 3 rookies.
On the left we have the Grenadier, a Trooper and a rookie.
Orlock leads the main force forwards. The idea is that these will overwhelm the MC1 forces on this side and then hook around into the middle.
On the left the Grenade Launcher provides covering fire while the other judges eye up another cache of secret plans.
We advance forward again, covered by the judge with a machine gun. The Gunner introduces the MC1 psy judge with a concentrated burst. She can't be a telepath because she didn't predict that.
The Psy Judge is stunned and wounded and crawls back behind some tangled wreckage. The Sovs are advancing into a pincer movement.
Some Gene Simmons Blockers arrive and are attracted by the noise. Spiro saved his high rolls for Unwanted Attention and then rolled the sides where my forces were.

We the Judge climbs up to collect the treasure, while the rooky waves encouragement. The Grenade Launcher adds covering fire.
Spiro's Tech Judge unlocks the loot marker with his sophisticated tools. Meanwhile Judge Stick unlocks the central chest with a well placed blow with his day stick. "I got your stinking password right here, you fancy box!" The sniper judge scans the area looking for targets.
Orlock, the Burner Judge and a Rookie are poised over one of the data caches.
More Mega City 1 reinforcements arrive. Judge Stick has just rolled a 20 for his dodge.
The Sov Judge with Burner steps round the corner and lays down some covering fire. "This is how we control crowds in East Meg 1". The Psy Judge is taken out and the other two judges are affected.
In good news Spiro rolled a 20 to hit my Sov Judge, in better news (ar least for me) I also rolled a 20 so it was a miss. Better Lucky than Dead.
Spiro's Commando laid down a smoke grenade so the Sov Judges had to advance, The Riot Judge goes down
The Gene Simmons Blockers corner the Sov Judges

The Smoke is blown clear by an updraft from the lower levels and it reveals another Gene Simmons Blocker. The Rookie Sov Judge has been knocked over by a bullet from a MC1 Lawgiver.

The tech Judge downloads the data into his portable storage unit while coming under fire from the Flamethrower. One of the rookies was turned into a crispy critter when she could not get out of the way in time
The Gene Simmons Blockers take out the East Meg Rookie and engage the Grenadier.

The East Meg Judge proved much better and shooting and especially dodging, but it takes him three goes to unlock the loot. All the while he is under fire from all corners of the table. finally a shot takes him down and he is stunned. Just after getting the box open.
The MC1 forces fall back with their data caches.
The East Meg forces fall back to their base edge with their gains.
Two more Gene Simmons Blockers show up but are rather late to this party
The Sov Judge manages to download the data and drop out of sight from the pursuing blockers.

A great little game. The MC1 forces made off with two treasures one of which was the center one and the Sovs made off with three. 

Spiro saved all his good rolls for survival and none of the MC1 judges were injured. One of the Sov rookies suffered a serious injury but no one cares about him. His sacrifice will be remembered in service to the Motherland.

So, loads of fun and the game turned out about even. Even though he took more casualties on the table there was no harm done and Spiro came out with more money.

I also found the kit for my East Meg Sentenoid. So that's another cool war bot model to use.


  1. Excellent writeup John.
    It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to another game. :)

    "She can't be a telepath because she didn't predict that."

    hahah now that was hilarious!


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