Saga Pagan Rus against Teutonic Knights

I took on Reg's Teutonic Knights with my Pagan Rus. I got toe be the invader and filled up the middle of the table with a rocky hill. There is a frozen marsh on my left and a forest on the right. I chose diagonal deployment.

Here are my Russ wandering forwards, I marched up to just out of long range and saved my dice for battle board abilities.

 The Teutonic forces were forced to use activation dice to move forwards. They ground forwards all the way down the line.

My Levy move onto the hill and throw some javelins at their opponents. I killed 1.

I really didn't want to be shot by crossbows all game so my Warriors dashed forwards to explain why they should be using a manly weapon and not a crossbow.

My warriors killed 7 crossbowmen and took 3 casualties in return.

The knights move forwards to smash some pagans. I get wiped out and do no damage.

The foot warriors attack my levy and drive them back of the hill.

My Levy are now back where they started and the Warriors are on the hill. Knights are closing on all sides.

The knights and warriors creep forwards
 After debating about whether to go into the wood or around it, the warriors go around the woods rather than get stuck in the wood. The Teutonic levy also climb on the hill
 My Hearthguard units advance onto the hill and drive back the levy and the warriors.
 The Teutonic knights move down my right flank, the warriors march back in and fight the hearthguard the warriors are driven back but the hearguard are down to one model.

My Levy move back onto the hill and charge, the Teutonics sacrifice one levy to fall back. This leaves my levy on the hill.

 My Warlord moves forwards and a unit of hearthguard attack a unit of knights.
 I am pushed back 3 models to 2. So the warlord has to go in and show them how it is done.
 The Teutonic hearthguard are wiped out. but my Warlord ends up exhausted.

The Teutonic warlord is keen to avenge his noble and very blond knights and attacks my levy.
I lose 2 levy and do nothing in return.

My Levy now don't generate a saga dice.
 The Warriors advance up to the bottom of the hill. The Teutonic warlord pulls back to a safer distance.
My Levy chuck javelins at the last warrior and kill him, this puts a fatigue on the Teutonic warlord exhausting him and the levy. The levy try antoher couple of times but can't get a wound through on the warlord.

My Hearthguard assault the Teutonic levy, they try and fall back but I cancel their withdrawal action by using 2 of their fatigue. My Hearthguard reduce the levy to below the minimum to generate a saga dice  for the loss of one of their number.
 My Hearthguard try and attack the exhausted warlord. they do nothing and get driven back.
 The teutonic men at arms attack my last hearthguard, I get killed and do nothing.

The Teutonic warlord rested and attacked my hearthguard. I don't spend his fatigue. I get wiped out and do nothing. The warlord is exhausted again.

My last unit of hearthguard rest and march over to attack the warlord. Fortunately I roll enough 6s that the warlord fails one and dies. I lose another 2 hearthguard so I am down to 1 out of 16.
 Here is the result of all the combat. finally no Teutonic warlord.
The Teutonic knights ride over to attack my Warlord. I popped Frozen Wind and cancelled their further activation.
In the end, the battle was very bloody and a draw. My Warlord needs some new drinking buddies.

I think I fancy building a unit of mercenary scouts to go with this army.


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