Kill Team Badab War - Questions of Loyalty

Emerging from the Warp thousands of light years away from their expected location years and after detecting the external duration of their time in the warp hand lasted several hundred years, the marines about the strike cruiser Shadowclaw sent down a small reconnaissance team. 

An Imperial installation marked in the ships cogitator database now appeared to be in ruins and the recon team was send down to gather information and determine what had happened.

While exploring the ruins of the Imperial Installation the teams auspex sensons bleeped and detected movement and life signs. The team took up defensive positions until the identity of the newcomers could be determined.

Taking cover in a ruined data archive the team noted several sinister grey clad figures moving through the ruins towards them.

The team leader and a scout with heavy bolter.
 These figures in grey and back mottled armour were stalking through the ruins.
Other members on the ground floor waiting for the others to identify themselves.

I have my combat specialist with powerfist, the sniper with plasma gun and a bolter marine
The grey and black clad figures launch an immediate attack. The Tiger Claws Combat specialist and leader counter attack.
 The brother with missile launcher is hit by the heavy bolter and falls off the building and ends up flesh wounded on the ground and not able to shoot any of the enemy marines.
The team leader is wounded by the enemies close combat weapon, this turned out to be a power weapon and my scout takes a flesh wound.

My combat specialist makes his attacks and Alan makes a 6+ save to keep going.

My Comms specialist and my missile launcher marine relocate to other positions.

Even though I use the comms specialist and the auspex scan tactic to hit on 2+ my missile launcher rolls a 1. He then takes a second flesh wound.
 In the next turn my team, manage to wound Alan's guy with their pistols. My bolter marine charges Alan's to lock him down and block line of sight.

My Combat specialist delivers the fatal blow to get rid of Alan's close combat marine. He then advances nearer to the combat.
 Alan's leader charges my bolter marine and my combat specialist then charges both Alan's leader and his bolter marine.

My Bolter marine takes a wound.
My missile launcher marine takes another shot to hit on a 2+ and makes it just, then rolls a 1 to wound.

He then gets taken out by Alan's plasma gunner.
My Leader has withdrawn to safety,

 My Combat marine takes out Alan's Leader and would have taken out the other marine but Alan rolled another 6 for his armour save.
 My Comms specialist moves forward to take control of one of the objectives.

Unfortunately the game continues and he gets blasted by Alan's plasma sniper.
 My Scout moves forward to contest the objective and gets attacked by Alan's marine. discarding their heavy weapons they begin fighting with bolt pistols and knives. My scout ends up getting shanked by the larger and more powerful marine.
 The game ended in turn 6. I had killed one more marine than Alan and we both controlled one objective.

However we both had to make break tests. I passed and Alan then failed. This meant I won. I was one victory point ahead so I would have won if we both passed or both failed.

So it all came down to the last dice roll, you could not ask for closer
The Survivors, I had two marines and one wounded scout and Alan had two marines.

We were trying out Alan's suggestion to give all the marines +1 wound and +1 attack.

When you tallied up the kills 8 out of the ten casualties were caused by powerfists or plasma guns.

A fun game and a complete change after playing Ghost Archipelago.


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