Ghost Archipelago Gods of Fire campaign

Our annual club convention Call to Arms was last weekend. Alan, Richard, Thomas and I played out our season finale for Ghost Archipelago over the two days of the convention.
These two pictures show the layout of the board.

I adapted the pool of fire campaign into a format that would allow us all to be on the table at the same time. This also allowed the adventuring parties to interact, usually with magic or missile fire. The games on the first day combines the first two scenarios of the trip down the river and the race to the temple.

Here are my adventurers in their boats and canoes.

 I need to get the treasures from the three small islands and then get to the temple in the center of the table. The only problem is that the islands are being defended by a tribal war party controlled by Richard.
Here are Thomas's crew, these are themed like medieval crusaders. His Heritor is a paladin of high virtue and his crossbowmen are lethal.
 Alan's heritor is travelling down the river towards the treasure guarded by Thomas's allied tribe of skinks. There was some serious rivalry between Alan's snakemen mercenaries and the skinks about who was the most reptilian.
Here are my tribe of pict hunters trying to ambush Richards heritor.

My tribal warband consisted of a shaman, a scout, 4 hunters and 4 braves, this made my band strong in shooting but weaker in hand to hand combat.
Thomas's crew decide to land on the big island to face off against the tribal warriors there before going after those defending the treasure on the islands.
My crew start to recover the treasure, a giant spider arrives and leaps into a canoe with my warden and a couple of troops.

I was hoping my warden to recruit the spider with a control animal spell but the spider rejected the offer and bit my mercenary before being crushed by an axe to the head.
The tribal warriors wait for me on the main island
Alan's crew disembark on the main island and get into a serious fight with the skinks. Casualties are heavy are both sides.
Thomas's crew engage in a savage brawl with the tribal warriors. This took several turns to resolve and tied down Thomas's crew for quite a while
On the other side of the island Richard's crew launch an assault on my pict hunters. Several of the picts are taken out with missile fire and hand to hand combat.

The survivors pull back out of range.

Three tribal warriors show up from the mouth of the central temple.
The rest of Richard's crew make a direct line to the treasure.
Thomas's crusaders grind down their tribal opponents. Alan's  war chief goes down swing hard.
My crew launch an amphibious assault on the main island. I make some immediate inroads into the defenders but my Heritor takes a serious wound from a tribal savage. 

A second push by my crew sees them take down several more warriors go down.

Alan had made some pads of mesh that help the models stick to the terrain a bit better.
 After the tribal counter attack there are only a couple of warriors remaining but my casualties are starting to mount.

My Warden and a couple of warriors are making their way towards the temple on foot. My mercenary is still poisoned and this is slowing his progress.
My Heritor cuts down the last warrior on the main island and leaps onto the last island guarded by an archer.
 On the other side of the board, my tribal shaman and the scout end up in an engagement with the tribal warriors.
Having taken out the last warrior my heritor takes a rest on his boat, while the crew secures the last treasure.

In the background my Warden and her guards are making their way to the base of the temple mountain. My Mercenary has been healed by the warden's magic so is no longer poisoned.

After fighting off the dwarfs my shaman and his bodyguard are now attacked by a couple of giant apes.

Thomas's crew have finished their tribal opponents, embarked on their ships and are now attacking the tribal warriors on the islands.
Things are getting crowded around temple mountain. Richard's crew are approaching from the top left, Alan's from the top right and mine from the bottom right hand corner. I have the disadvantage of approaching the temple from the back.
At this point most of the warbands are too tired or short or members to really want to fight each other in the temple doorway so people allow other crew members to pass without engaging them in combat.
My Heritor uses his wraithwalk ability to walk right though the back of the temple. Thomas's paladin shouts threats at the others while his crossbowmen make more pointed arguments with their crossbows.

In the end my crew got the most crew members through the temple entrance and we had three treasures so it was a good result.

We had a lot of fun with several hilarious moments and some wild swings of luck.


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